Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Joy of being a mom!

Well this week has been a nightmare!

me and travi have been playing the game catch my virus....not fun at all!

so were both sick and crabby and on top of that im a hormonal monster with pregnancy sickness....yay,fun!

I feel so phsically to you entertain a very active toddler when all u wanna do is sleep and puke??????

today i passed out on the couch and awoke to travis standing on the kitchen table calling random ppl with my cell....what????

so weve been in the house all week long and it was time to break free and smell the cold air again so we ventured out to the bead store , i just had to pick out a few things and travi ran behind the desk , he was too quick for me to catch and a vision flashed before my eyes of travi spilling beads everywhere...i was like we need to go before we get in a lot of trouble!!!

hes feeling a lot better which is good...i just hope the same for myself since we leave for nj tomorrow...yay a 10 hr road trip!!!

keep our family in your thoughts and prayers....


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Be gone sickness in Jesus name!!!

So weve been dealing with the sickness again here at the Hayes'.
I took Travis to the doc because hes been coughing through the night real bad.

And when the doc entered the room travis lit up...he loves his doc and he loves Travis!
Travi wanted nothing to do with me and he wanted to sit on the doctors lap and play with all the tounge pressers,and medicine holders he had in his pocket!

Travi even layed on the bed without me...just him and the doc while he checked his ears,nose, and mouth...i was so proud of him...he didnt need me at all......waaaaaaaaaa...:(

and it was so cute at the very end of his exam when the doc was shining the light in his mouth Travi looked at him and opened his mouth and leaned in to kiss him. I dont think the doc knew what he was doing but it was so cute and funny!

the uncute part is he has a sinus infection and maybe the start of asthma...lets hope and pray not ,he has a few of the symptoms though...

so the doc wants him on a few nebulizer treatments a day until he stops coughing through the night.
I laughed thinking how im going to tame this child strap him on my lap and put a mask on him for 10-15 mins a pop...

last night was the first night and it looked like he was having an exorcism in andys lap for 3 mins and then he gave in...
so we dont use the mask just hold the end up to his nose and mouth...

Its so funny when we take it out now he runs to the chair like he knows whats coming next!

on another note he has been singing Christmas songs with my in the van!
we bang on the air when the lil drummer boy comes on and he giggles and copies me...
he s so funny!
as for me ive been dealing with some nasea but hopefully that will end soon...i hope

Be gone sickness In Jesus NAME!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Pregnant!

I'm Pregnant!!!

we are very excited to go through all the milestones again and have a little bunting!

I'm due Aug 7......

Travis very first Santa video!!!

check out the link in the top right of the blog to
see Travi
starring in his very first
Santa video!!!!