Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jennas 1st day of School

Had to capture some pics of Jenna headed into her first day of school...Enjoy my lil cutie pie!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creating a foundation...

There is something that Ive been realizing a lot more lately...That in a blink of an eye, my kids will grow up so fast and be on thier own. i know there only 2 and 4 but Gods really been pressing on my heart what kind of Foundation am i laying for them?
Thier little eyes see everything and thier mommy(like most kids) are there role model, and someone they desire to model and be just like!

What am i teaching them? Am i just going through the everyday motions with a half smile on my face, praying that Jesus would return in the middle of the night so i wouldnt have to face waking up another day without Andy by my side?   yes plenty of nights....But God is really at work in my heart to start laying a foundation for my kids to model after....If I want my kids to be strong, have great faith, Pray when things fall apart and be happy and love often, guess what folks...

I have to be that way....Ouch!
Some days very hard to do...ok most days....
But if we seek hard, God will give us everything we ask for if its according to his will.....And i truly desire to not just walk through the motions anymore, but for my kids to see a (imperfect) mommy who can admit when she fails but see that desire to want to keep on going, to want to love well and  Truly see the blessings of God in our lil life...even if that means fighting....and fighting hard!

I want my children to say Mommy fought with all her might to give us the best possible life , not just give in when weakness hit....and we wanna be just like mommy!

Some days i feel so far from that person i long to be but with the help of my Lord, I can go from Glory to Glory/day by day to become the woman and mom  he desires for me to be and be the example that my kids DESERVE!

 Some day my kids will be at an age where ive hoped and prayed that the things i have shown them and instilled in them will be enough for them to make the best choices in thier life...I will no longer be able to make those descisions for them any longer....scarry!

Andy left an amazing legacy....What kind of story are people reading when they look at our lives and how we handle hardship???

Monday, August 22, 2011

He Rose Again

What a beautiful song and mix written and performed by my Uncle Kevin....such an amazing talent....enjoy and be blessed!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


my heart just aches friends susannas little pipers lukeimia has came back...shes relapsed.....she just turned 2.....shes been in remission for quite a while   and passed that scarry window of it possibly coming back...instead of celebrating, were mourning....such heart wrenching news...

Susanna's lil girl was battling lukeimia when andy was battling his cancer.....and just a month ago i saw them in GA and they looked was becoming normal for them....

Please pray for the needham family...They have some huge descisions and battles once again....

Jenna LovesYou Piper Jean...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

IHOP Atlanta Intro Internship

2 More Weeks...Prepare our hearts Lord!!!

Travis First Day Of Pre-k!!!

Excited and ready!

Boo...I wanna go!!!

The serious Cool Kid Look