Friday, July 30, 2010

Its Friday ...get me outta this house!

So its def a day to get out of the house. Kinda been inside all week and need to break free!
After Jenna gets up from her nap me and the kiddos are headed to KI for some well deserved fun!

Its been a very emotional week here...and Andys MRI is today so were hopeful,a bit scared and nervous...Praying and hoping for the best! I just dont think i could handle any more negetive news....Im just exhausted....i need a good report!

He wont have a doc appt until wed. to go over the MRI but by this eve he'll be home and can view the cd and compare to the previous ones ...hes had enough to probably see the change in it.

So I will keep you all posted and it unfolds...

So Mommy went to her weight watchers meeting last night and lost 10.2 lbs in 3 weeks....yay...go me!
When i first started ww the lady said to me if we can have 1 thing that we can control in order like our weight...that we can do something about than the things that are out of our control wont seem so out of control and that really has stuck with me...why emotionally eat and have my body suffer thise consequences....
what a painful cuz were sad, then look in the mirror and be sad and dsicouraged.
No Thank You....Im ready for a change!

I'll end with an argument me and Travi were having this morning...hes a trip!

Mommy: Travi I told you not to touch that,If you dont listen you'll have to go to your room.

Travi:   But mommy Why?

Mommy:  Because your not listening, and you know your not sopposed to open and close the door.

Travi:     Why?

Mommy: Because im the mom thats why.

Travi:  Well Im the Travi!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

updates and all

 sorry for the lack of posts...ive been working hard on getting my business up and running....Lots of new faces and im excited about it!
And a brand spankin new family webpage is in the works with a lot more room for updates,pics...etc

but for now Andy got a pet scan yesterday to see if theres cancer anywhere else...he gets the results tomorrow from it. so i will keep you posted on that.The Docs also took him off of the Chemo drug until the MRI so maybe his rash and sores can heal.

Im not sure of the date but late this month he is getting another MRI so keep a 100% recovery in your prayers.
We are all (ESPEACIALLY ANDY) just worn out and want this to be over more than anything else in this world....
To be able to wake up and know its all going to be ok is the desire of my heart. its so hard not to know an outcome.
I guess where that Trusting comes in but still very hard to do at times...
Also  please keep our son Travis in your prayers.

Hes having some major outbursts and fits of rage that i dont think it normal....every 3 yr old has meltdowns,tantrums...etc

but tonight i gave him hugs after i sang him songs....and he wanted one more and i shut the be there all night if he played the one more game over and over...

and as most nights he wigged kicked,screamed,banged at the door....but then he took his lamp and ripped it from the outlet and was smashing it against the door. took his dresser apart in a rage...when we opened the door to see what was going on...he flew out and threw himself down the stairs because he was mad he didnt get one more wasnt accidental he did a swan dive and hit midway down. i was just so upset watching this. he didnt even flinch when he reached the bottom he was running and screaming because he knew andy was headed after was bad!

most nights we have to hold his door while he screams and bangs until he falls asleep...
or hell play us all night and demand his way.....he told me the other day that Travi calls the

We've been sticking to the 1 2 3 magic for christian parents and it has worked really well.. better than anything and weve tried it all!

but the bedtime i am just lost....
Is this normal?
suggestions please
PS: the spanking thing does not doesnt even faze him

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th Of July!

Happy 4th of July!
We had a great time at our party at church!
It was hot but very fun...Travi got his face painted as a puppy,Jenna ate hotdogs,The Kings Brass played,and Travi got to be with all his friends on the slides...

Hope you all have had a wonderful Independence Day!!!