Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Disney vacationpart 1

we had a MAGICAL time in disney wanted to give u a sneak peak of some pics...hope you enjoy!
lots more coming soon!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Freaky Hot Friday!

So i dont know what happened to springtime...its 90 everyday... and i miss that seabreze from the coast...once in a blue moon we'll get a slight breze....ugh

We ventured out to the mall today and played a bit in the play area. Jenna knows where the exuit is and flys towards it everytime.
My little darlings both woke up at 6am this morning...i was so not feeling it!
Travis is getting so excited for Disney! he says 1 more week and im gonna see Mickey Mouse...Yay!!!
Lots to be excited about. Its been a while since we got away as a family. and it will be good to be excited for something together!
Have a great weekend...stay cool!!!

9 more dayzZzzZzZZz....

9 more days until we fly to disney...were all getting so pumped!
I booked our Character dinner last night for when we get there with goofy,pluto,rafiki,and timon!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Action Packed Weekend!

Well Its been quite a busy weekend already. Yesterday me and the kiddies went back to the spray park and it was packed. Travis was there one minute gone the next. I couldnt find him anywhere. my heart skipped several beats!!! What a horrible feeling for a parent to have to go through. I was calling his name( more like screaming) and panicking when he wasnt responding to me.

so after running around like crazy looking for him, i see him sitting at a picnic table at a b-day party...eating and laughing with the he was part of the group....uggggh!

He was having a great time as i was losing my mind. He wasnt happy when i took him away....he was yelling birthday

today we headed to Kings Island and spent the whole evening there. We started in the waterpark and took the train over to the dry part later.
Travi cruised on water slides as jenna just enjoyed splashing around in the water and eating her choc chip cookies.
We ate pizza and ice was a good night...:)

Both kiddies are snoozing in there beds and were headed to indiana in the morning to visit mimi and poppi Karl...

I got Jennas outfit for her 1st b-day exciting , I cant wait to show her off more!

Nite Nite friends

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Weekend-Part 1

Travis just loved his John Deere that dad brought. He went for Tractor rides all weekend and even rode while Dad cut the grass.
Him and sissy had some fun playtime in the pool but got in trouble when he was getting too rough with her...i love that pic...classic... I just wish she didnt have that grin on her haha brother got in trouble...

I love my lil rugrats so much...this was the beginning of a very fun,exciting weekend!