Saturday, March 31, 2012

See you in May...

Im taking off a month of in April to really quiet myself before the Lord, to recieve from him....
So i will not be blogging until may. I just want to be still before him, to recieve, and have him pour into me without distraction...

Before i go i wanted to share some pics i was blessed to take of a wonderful family at Ihop....

Have a Blessed Ressurection Day!!!


The Thompson Family

Baby Justicia....who completely stole my heart! <3

I cant even handle her, i want to eat her up!!!

Issac....Travi's Buddy!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I had a amazing opportunity to get away with my best friend a few weeks ago for the weekend...I had some amazing friends come together and bless my socks off...

The trip was completely paid for and they watched my kids so i could get away and breathe...It was amazing....There is nothing like getting away with your BFF, and having no agenda...hey driving through the mountains in a yellow convertible wasnt half bad either...;)

What a great weekend of eating down home cookin,lots of chocolate,pics,talks,tears,laughter....and relaxation!

A roadtrip where we talked about everything under the sun as we saturated ourselves in worship with the wind blowing through our hair.....I wanna go back...LOL

Beautiful mountains!!!


LOL no comment

Daryll and Daryll

Our morning
the machine choose for us...guess which was was mine...;/

My Gorgeous BFF

We drove 3 and 1/2 hrs away to go to ...Crackel Barrell.....It was awesome and worth it!!!

Relaxation to the fullest!!!

I dont get out much!!!

Shes so stankin cute!

Happy St. Patty's Day Ya'll!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Those who wait upon the Lord will NEVER be put to Shame...

Its been a hard week of discouragement, attacks and bad news…

From my aunt losing her best-friend,and a huge part of my family…”Luke” her bulldog that has been such a part of her for many years….to Mom being locked down at work because of a stabbing right in the middle of the store, To an infestation in our apt. covering my entire body with a relentless rash …face,neck…head to toe…..itching,bleeding… But… it never touched my babies, not even a bump,bruise or scratch ,To Pastor Billy approaching me to be support to a young widow (23) who has come from Iceland with her 4 yr old daughter,finding out shes pregnant the day of her husbands funeral, to melt in the prayer room…Not realizing how being there for her,encouraging and just listening , how much it dugg up my own pain and pit ive struggled in for so long.

People are still calling me Job for the 4th year in a row…Having people tell me Gods got something amazing for you with everything you’ve had to endure in your life…

Although true, its never comforting when your going through the pit….you just want to see the other side already, the end of the story. That’s where ive really found clinging to the Lord, believeing what his Word and promises say, washing myself in that regardless of what im feeling at the moment bring me the strength that I need to get me through.

I cant let how im feeling at the moment,how I currently see myself and go on others peoples opinions to give me my daily dose of encouragement,endurance and strength. People are imperfect and more often times than not say things they probably shouldn’t say….I love abiding in a Perfect God that always knows just what to say. Even if that means waiting on him for my answers because hes being quiet…Or kicking,screaming and fighting as I persevere because it hurts but im still moving forward even if I cant see it. Although I do believe God can work through people relationships in our life to encourage us and lift us up,

When He does speak and give us revelation on what were seeking him for its worth far more than any words or opinions from any person. Amen!

After Travis’ baseball game last night…(by the way 1st homerun of the season I must ad…;)

I went to the healing room at IHOP. My best friend took the kids so I could get prayed over and just soak… I love when I get to be prayed over by Hazen, Its always anointed and a direct download from God….a few other really awesome ppl just soaked me in prayer and just spent time praying over my needs and just letting the presence of God cover me like a blanket….Then all of a sudden Hazen said stop praying…He put the speaker on in the ministry room so we could hear the song leader that was singing on stage…And He said.: “Kelly this song is for you,God wants you to know this!”

And she started singing…Those who wait upon The Lord will never be put to shame… and she kept repeating it, and every person in that ministry room started singing it over me….Tears and voices filled that little room in a moment.

I love that through our struggles,dissapointments,and dry-times when God gives us that kiss and says ,”I care for you ,wait on me, Its worth the fight.”

No matter what your waiting on The Lord for,---Don’t Give Up!

He hears your cry,cares for you, and will make ALL THINGS beautiful in his time!

I love this story they have shared at IHOP before about Jesus driving the bus. And I don’t remember all the details, so ill tweak it,

But it has encouraged me, I hope it encourages you too!

Jesus is driving a bus and were all in the bus. We think we know how the story is going to go but we just go along for the ride and let Him take us on this journey.

It’s a long ,slow ride up the mountain with many pit-stops and breaks. He hardly accelerates at all. And we all question him, Jesus your sopposed to be going fast up the mountain so we make it,not slow, you need to Accelerate!

He doesn’t answer he just keeps driving and its painful, it feels like were not budging at all, people are getting on our nerves, its hot and it feels like were not going to make it, but he leans back and says just hold on, its all a part of the journey…I may not go the route you think is best but your still going to get there…Trust Me!

We reach the top of the mountain…Finally now we can enjoy a smooth, relaxing cool breeze on the way down ….

Jesus cranks up the music, and flys the bus down that mountain at 100 MPH,sliding and wheels screeching at every turn….and were all terrified….but we make it to where he wants us to be…

Although its not the way we think it should go…fast up the mountain, and slow down…We just need to hold onto Him and enjoy the ride.

If you endure the trials, embrace the hurting, Persevere through


As it talks about in
Luke 18:8

"I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

He will bring Speedy Justice!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Everything Happens For A Reason...

Everything happens for a reason...

Ive really been embracing every moment i get to spend in the prayer room this week, just being in Gods face, letting him speak to my heart...Engaging in every prayer meeting,crying out to him with all my mixed up emotions....Im so glad he loves drama queens!

I have been really getting into the book of Habakkuk and the orginal meaning of the name Habakkuk means ..."Ardent Embrace"   and  "One Who Clings"

Im finding stregnth in the prophets cry and desire for the Lord...

Yesterdays intercession set brought such stregnth to me and I could feel God wrapping his arms around me so tight, just enjoying his presence...and having pastor Billy back from China, all fired up on the prayer mic....It was awesome!

In debriefing ...Passion was resonating out of him and he had us all pray like he learned in China...We were all laughing so hard!

Theres something so special about being in the prayer room, letting God rip wickedness out of my heart and setting me free...I know he honors obedience but most times obedience is sacrifice...

I hate seeing how ugly my heart is but I love when God reveals it to me because its another opportunity to deal with the sin that seperates me from going further with the Lord.

More Lord, rip it I can go deeper with you!!!

I had a hard night with the kids last night but just as i was about to lose it, i find Jenna in the bathroom on a stool, in front of the mirror with her hands in the air...Singing:

"I want it like it was back then, I wanna be in Eeeeden!!!"

a worship song we sing at Ihop....and my heart melted.....i didnt ask her to worship Jesus, she wanted to it was her desire too, and at this moment i could ask for anything more than for my kids to be burning and shining lamps in a world gone crazy...

I love raising them up in the prayer movement, being around kids that are passionately in love with Jesus!!!

Everything happens for a reason and I couldnt ask for more...

He loves me in my weakness....Thank You Lord!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jesus Keep My Heart Alive...

I'm so tired of politics and all this bad news
I'm so tired of chasing the moment instead of chasing You
I let the World wear me down, I'm desensitized

Jesus keep my heart alive, keep my heart alive
Only You can save me from a world that's breaking right before my eyes
Keep my heart alive

Take these empty "hallelujahs", and fill my lungs again
'Cause I want to sing, and I want to mean it
I want to feel again
And let the world hear the sound of something divine
[ Lyrics from: ]
Jesus keep my heart alive (Only You can save me),
Keep my heart alive (Only You can save me)
Only You can save me when my world is breaking right before my eyes

Jesus keep my heart alive (Only You can save me),
Keep my heart alive (Only You can save me)
Only You can save me when my hope is fading, and I'm losing the fight

And when the world wears me down,
You're my lifeline
You keep my heart alive (Only You can save me),

Jesus keep my heart alive (Only You can save me),
Keep my heart alive (Only You can save me)
Only You can save me when my world is breaking right before my eyes
Keep my heart alive (Only You can save me)
Oh, keep my heart alive (Only You can save me)
You're my only hope, when my world is fading before my eyes
Jesus keep my heart alive
Keep my heart alive

Friday, March 2, 2012

Running w/lyrics

this song has been ripping my heart open and giving me freedom in all areas...
I hope it blesses you!

Abiding In Christ

This morning in the prayer room i was meditating and looked up and on the shelf i saw a mug that said "ABIDE"...and felt God really speaking to my heart about drawing so close and clinging onto him and learning how to Abide in him...

Even when we cant understand the steps in his master plan…we need to keep abiding….because we know the end of the story…and we know what his word says about the promises he has ordained for us….His word needs to be a roadmap and a well to draw from when our  emotions don’t match up to what he is speaking to our spirit…his nearness is our good, his discipline is for our good.

When we think our lives should go in step by step order…God messes it up and says let me take you on a little Joy ride, were not going to go the way you think we are but if you keep seeking my face, abiding in me, and drawing near…making me preeminentt in your life….you will not only arrive but you will be still enough to experience so many  blessings I have for you along the way…like that saying:"  Be still and stop and smell the roses"….The Lord wants to write our story, we need to drop the pen and enjoy the journey.

Our flesh rages against the Lord, our flesh wants the here and now…but abiding in his Holy Spirit not only protects our hearts but  our closeness and stillness before him allowing him to break open our hearts to receive the beautiful blessings along the way in the journey…..that we might have missed if we were driving the bus.
Abide in Christ

I Love this segment of Andrews Murray's Abiding In Christ-Vine and the Branches 

The parable of Abiding teaches us the completeness of the union. So close is the union between the vine and the branch, that each is nothing without the other, that each is wholly and only for the other.
Without the vine the branch can do nothing. To the vine it owes its right of place in the vineyard, its life and its fruitfulness. And so the Lord says, "Without me ye can do nothing." The believer can each day be pleasing to God only in that which he does through the power of Christ dwelling in him. The daily inflowing of the life-sap of the Holy Spirit is his only power to bring forth fruit. He lives alone in Him and is for each moment dependent on Him alone.

It is His own appointment; and this is the high honour to which He has called His redeemed ones, that as indispensable as He is to them in heaven, that from Him their fruit may be found, so indispensable are they to Him on earth, that through them His fruit may be found. Believers, meditate on this, until your soul bows to worship in presence of the mystery of the perfect union between Christ and the believer. 

All His fullness and all His riches are for thee, O believer; for the vine does not live for itself, keeps nothing for itself, but exists only for the branches. All that Jesus is in heaven, He is for us: He has no interest there separate from ours; as our representative He stands before the FatherJesus came: for this every branch on the Vine has to live as much as the Vine itself. It is for fruit, much fruit, that the Father has made us one with Jesus.Only abide in me; yield thyself wholly to my teaching and rule; simply trust my love, my grace, my promises. Only believe; I am wholly thine; I am the Vine, thou art the branch. Abide in me...

O Saviour, how unspeakable is Thy love! "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me: it is high, I cannot attain unto it." I can only yield myself to Thy love with the prayer that, day by day, Thou wouldest unfold to me somewhat of its precious mysteries, and so encourage and strengthen Thy loving disciple to do what his heart longs to do indeed--ever, only, wholly to abide in Thee.

I desire all the fullness of Christ and I want to take part in all the blessings…big and small he has for my life....I dont want to miss a thing along the way   :)

Abiding….holding on  to Jesus with all we have, keeping him first in our hearts even when our flesh rages against it and tells us different...

God doesn’t always calm the Crazy, sometimes he calms us…