Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Cookies!

More flour mommm!
sugar rush!

mom helpin out!

lots of eating and not enough

mom this looks so fake...

ok now the fun begins!

so yummmy....the best part!

my chair needs decorating too~

YOU need icing!

Ok i think I'm done...haha

-------------------------The finished product......-------------------------------
We had fun makin cookies and eating them!
Travis also enjoyed wearing
Today was a great day. Travi did awesome at playgroup this morning. we met like 10 other moms at community park. and he played for hours so content...Mom actually got to drink coffee and socialize..woo-hoo!
I got to talk to my dad for a while today and it was awesome. Im so glad we have established a good friendship over the past few months. God is good!
We had our family bible study tonight and its so awesome to be able to talk with my sister,mom and cousin and pray and talk about what Gods doing in our lives!
And i believe my sister is making a commitment to bring christmas and most important Jesus to deaf orphans in Russia the day after christmas!
I have never felt so proud of her. She has the desire and God is going to do amazing things in and through her.
Priase God!
I am so blessed by her relationship and commitment to taking God to the nations!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Bus!

Wow a bus all for me?

Makin Aunt Bev proud!
Travi wakin up to a new toy!
Well today was a pretty good day.
I went to once apon a child and got him a new toy. I feel like hes getting bored with some of his old toys.
He like the bus a lot. He would bring toys inside and crack up at me from inside the window.
We went to the mall and played in the play area which was a lot of fun.
I was talking to one of the moms next to me and i look up and he is on top of the t-pee which is about my height and he's sitting up there with legs spread a part on both sides so proud of himself.
Of course i fly over there and all the moms were so impressed for a baby his size to be able to climb it. Yea so was I...hahaha
He would climb up one side and slide down the other and do that over and over agaon.
He also climbs up the bridge and walks down the other side he tumbles most times but gets a kick out of it.
Me? Im starting to go grey i think.
Tomorrow morning is playgroup with the moms club again i hope we have a better week. :)
Travis said mimi today. I dont know who he was referring to..but it was so cute.
I have my weight watchers meeting tomorrow night and Dad and travi are going to decorate cookies so i will make sure i post some pics.
I'd love to hear your alls feedback...
Talk soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Howloween Fest!

Me and travi in the pumkin patch.
Travi had fun throwing the pumpkins and climbing around
Travi on his favorite ride...the cars!
A singing cow that was making Travi clap to the music
Travi and 1/2 of daddy in the walk through fairytale land.
A pic of the foam pit...travi was scared to go all the way in
Scooby and the gang!
We all had a good time at Kings Island today. They have a huge area devoted to kids. free facepainting,pumpkin coloring,mazes,pumpkin patches and shows...etc
so it was a great time. They gave out free popcorn and travis had 2 big cupfuls he ate it up no problem...haha
All the kids were dressed in there halloween costumes too,they have a parade for the kids.
There was this little toddler who was dressed like a monkey following yogi bear. I guess he was all done taking pictures with the kids and was leaving. This lil toddler ran behind him and with both hands squuezed Yogi's bottom as hard as he could. He was a little older than travis. It was halarious.
We will probably go back next saturday and get pics of Travi in his costume. We all enjoyed the music shows and activities...
Wow we have had a busy weekend. Tomorrow is sunday,day of rest right...
I think choir starts up tommorrow so excited about trying that out.
GoodNite Ya'll!

Friday, October 17, 2008


This baby monkey was halarious he was clapping his hands and jumping on the other monkeys back and the big ones kept pushing him was entertaining!

Daddy with Travi on his leash..oops i mean monkey backpack!
I was trying to take a pic of this pretty bird and it was getting mad at
Girrafe Ridge...We enjoyed the view
Elephant Encounter...Travis thought they were halarious.They would eat hay and peanuts and scoop them up with their trunk. He was getting a kick out of it.

Hurry up,look fast.Travi with a hat didnt last long...
Rhino close-up!
Travi looking intently at the animals...such a buja!
Cheetas being lazy.
We had such a fun time at the zoo!
It was like 65* and beautiful walking weather.
We had fun looking at the animals and laughing at Travi.
And of course being a picture fanatic, I had my fun!
Later that day we went to the mall,had pizza and travi had fun playing in the playarea.
I sat next to a woman whos little girl was playing with Travis. And it was so nice to have some adult conversation. Even more I got to talk to her about God and invite her to church on sunday!
What a blessing that was for me.
God is good. I love those lil divine connections he sets up.
But she seemed super nice and made a friend out of the deal. Cant beat that!
We went to the cookie store and got those huge 2 cookies smooshed together with cream in the middle...I love my
Praise the Lord for those weekend allowance points!
Travis has been transitioning from 2 to 1 nap so he was exhausted by 7...
he went to bed early and i busted out to my hip-hop ab workout!
Definataly a lot of fun.
Take care Ya'll
TV Time!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Redheaded challenge....

So lemme vent a little right now.
Its only 12:15 in the afternoon and I simply have no energy left.
So i decided to venture out today and go to one of the moms club playgroups
at someones house.

and Travis did good at first and then started to get rough and lost interest real fast in playing with the kids and toys.
now he is running around her house opening cabinets ,climbing the stairs,in her bathroom...
I dont ever feel like i can have a full converstion with someone my

The mom sare sitting in there with kids his age and they rare;y left the room,my kid was just tearing through and we werent there even a hour at this point. So now hes throwing a fit because i wanted him out of the cabinets and cant forget about them no matter how much i try to redirect or distract him with something else.

He did play a little while but he gets so bored it seems like.
All the moms were having coffee...and i get come I never get to enjoy that cup of coffee with a friend.
I have no family here,no friends in my area and i feel like Im sopposed to be housebound until he starts college.....ahhhhhhhh!

Just put him down for a nap so i am going to eat and drink lots of coffee while i can!
Suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Revival has been awesome this week.
Me and andy have been switching nights because it starts at 7 and the baby has been going down around 7:30 at night. I hate to have to miss it but feel grateful for the services i do get to attend.

I was just letting everything soak in last night....such good stuff!
John 14:1
"Let not your hearts be troubled,ye believe in God ,believe also in me."

When our hearts are heavy we need to go to Jesus.
Jesus cures heart problems.

John 13:21
21When Jesus had thus said, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.
Not one of the disciples thought they would betray Jesus.
When the going gets rough we stop,even though we say we will never leave Gods side.

Christ is faithful and Christ is true!
we will fail God,but God will never fail us...

We have problems because people are involved.
Where you have people,you have sin.

Bring your cares to Jesus and he will give you peace in place of your problems.
I can call myself a Christian and never be saved because my heart isn't in the right place.
You may know of him but do you really know him???
Christs Love,Peace and Joy.

We really need to take our minds off of ourselves and focus on whats to come because there will never be a day where we wont be.
We will be somewhere for eternity,we will not slip through the cracks.
Where will you be?and are you sure?

Either you live for God or you dont. God will be the judge.We think oh im a good person,and these are little things noone knows about.God does!
And we need to stand before him and he is going to ask us what did we do with all he gave to us on earth? Did we use it for God or ourselves?
Lets be honest and ask ourselves
What are we doing for God?

Theres good news,
Jesus is preparing a place for us!
There is life beyond this life.
We will be with Jesus and he will wipe the tears from our eyes and he will rein forever as our Lord of Lords.

Its all about Jesus!
So many times in church we dont wanna shout or raise our hands because were scared of what other people may say or react.
Our pride gets in the way of being blessed by the Holy Spirit.
how sad is that? We miss out because we fear a reaction?

When im in Heaven I want to be on a cloud next to someone who shouts not someone who whispers Praise the Lord.
You wont find me quiet when Im in the face of God!
No one will care then,so why do you care now?
Dont miss out on all God has to offer you!

Jesus is the way,truth, and life.
The one who died for us and rescued us from hell.
He is the ONLY way to get to heaven.
So turn your life around
Jesus has so much to offer you!

We know were hearing the president on the tv because we recognize his voice.
The same goes for Gods children we can recognize his voice when he speaks.

We need to stand up,and look up regardless of how many times we get knocked down
because we have something to look forward to. Being with Jesus in his prescense forever and ever!
Now thats something to get excited about!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sneak peak at Halloween

Travi sportin his costume take a pic quick mom before i rip the hat off!
and of course travi wont wear the hat
ill just have to spike his hair and hairspray it green...haha

So last night was Amazing!
Our church had a gospel sing and a group called "One Heart"
a pro group from our church just filled the place up with Gods presence.
The spirit was so thick in that place. I felt emotional before the song service even started.
And i sat in front of the pastor and his wife and he shouted and praised God the whole service
and it got me pumped!
It was one of those services where the spirit of God is so thick i was tearing before the song service even started. When one heart got up to sing tears just started rolling down my face.
It was awesome, God was blessing me supremely!
While i was sitting there I was praying about being sick and tired of being that sunday christian,
Just praying,gettinginto the word, and worshipping when im in church. I should have that spirit of worship when im in the shower, taking a run, changing a diaper.
Because God doesnt change and his promises are true.
So i was sitting there and i was sitting in front of the pastor and his wife and he was shouting and praising god. I was feeling Gods presence fill me and i couldnt do anything but cry and hearing the pastor behind me was getting me pumped up...haha
Im sick and tired of sitting there worshipping quietly and feeling gods presence run through my vains so i stood and i shouted and worshipped and my hands were flying,snot was flying and i never felt that free in my whole life.
God is such an awesome God to bless me that way. When i just let go of what i thought ppl would think and let God have full control he blessed me in a way i cant even comprehend, It was amazing!
One of the singers could hardly make it through the song because she was getting blessed watching me get blessed.....Praise God!!!!!
I went home and just soaked it all in and went to sleep in that Blessed state.
I didnt want to leave God truly made his presence known in that place.
I want to have that fire everday of my life not just on sunday!
So i was excited to go to church today and our church is holding revival until wed.
and the preacher that is preaching the revival preaches the messages that dont make ya feel good they make ya change things in your life. And I was lovin it!
sometimes those are the best messages. He didnt care if someone would get offended he was preached the word and it was good!
I had a friend come up to me and tell me she sees jesus when she looks into my face that it glows in me and i think that is the best compliment anyone has ever given me. It made me tear up.
I want to live my life that way!
God is so good to me
and im still feeling refreshed from last night.
I cant wait for the messages this week!
Im singing tues night. Hopefully i can bless other ppl The way God used "One Heart"
To bless my socks off!!!!!!

Travis new toy !

We got a mini deep freeze because our freezer was packed. And Travi loved his brand new tunnel!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Date Night

Finally me and andy had a chance to go on a date.

we went and saw that movie with diane lane and richard gere

so beautiful i was crying...nights in rodaine i believe its called...

it was so good to just get out and relax!

Shaw farms

We went to shaw farms today and had a blast.
we went on a hayride and strolled through the interactive
playground. even saw some animals.
We had a good time taking pictures and crackin up at Travi!

Bubba Posin all Cute

Cruisin in the fake tractor..haha

Bubba in jail...hopefully we'll never see that day!
I love this pic of andy and travis on the hayride.

I wanted travi to sit on the flying carpet with me.
This was as far as we got...haha

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Trip to WV

Tallie dog and daddy running to ram baby!

Me and my beautiful niece Zoey!

Got tired of the whining and locked travi in tallies cage!

He found a way and busted out

Beautiful Zoe again

Candid shot

Travi and Uncle Stevie decked out for game day!

Hanging out in the backyard with daddy ramming baby into tallie again!
Hey ya'll~ Just got back from our weekend in WV. We had a great time seeing family and friends and the leaves are starting to change colors and the mountains are beautiful! We had a wonderful big breakfast saturday morning at mawmaw and pawpaw's. Stephen, Annie and Zoey were there and we had a nice time catching up and running around the yard with Tallie! Theres nothing like just hanging out with family! Went to church at point lick tab today and it was such a nice time being back in the sweet fellowship of our church family. Travis was excited that they got more toys in the nursery and even went to class for the first time with Ms. Amanda and her class. Sophie was showing travis how to stay in his seat, and brett was wondering why Travis ate all the puffcorn. Then we went out to eat with the Marshalls,Mullins ,and a few other friends! And Travis had a great time playing with Kendell,Eden and Todd. Travis also prayed for the first time with his class today! God is an Awesome God!!!