Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Madness

Kids have been off for 4 days so we got out of the apt. today and hit the stables...travi had an awesome ride with Rocky and me and Jenna sat and enjoyed watching the horses run,get sweet with us and breathed inhaled and was beautiful!

We got the finishing touch to Travis' baseball gear today...his helmet...
we took some pics to share....

His practice is fri, game sat. and he has baseball pics on saturday as well so im sure ill be posting more pics soon....Im so proud of my little t-baller....hes so good he doesnt run around the field he knows the rythm of the game, where the bases are and how to do it fast...his papa would be so proud...

Hope you have a blessed Monday

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

its 1 am so its oficially valentines day....and so far its been im going through me and andys old laptop to use it for the prayer room i found so many of his writings and it has been such a sweet kiss to me of blessings.....encouragement,Tears,stregnth,laughter.....i will be posting them all to his
but ill share one on here....I hope eveyone celebrates love today...where love here or love lost and memories to cherish. God is love,the root of love,delights in love and he delights in you! Let him lavish your heart,mind and soul in his love today!

Joy / Peace by Andy Hayes

If God has your heart then you’ll have His joy.
What a treasure we have in our troubles and trials of this earth, for this is when we experience the amazing peace that only God can give.  This is why Paul was able to be content with the troubles and trials, the time and jail, and the shipwreck.  If we could only achieve the spiritual maturity that Paul had, then we could truly experience the benefits that we have as Christians on this earth.

When you really feel the true presence of God, it’s worth whatever you had to do to get it.  Whether it was to drive to church that particular day, or the trial that you’re going through, or the victory of the battle that God just helped you through.  Whatever it was, it’s worth it.

To get into the blessings of God, you have to be willing to suffer.

Trust is from the heart, not the lips.  You may fool me by trusting only with your lips but that will not give you any peace or comfort.

Psalms 23:3 “He restoreth my soul….”  If God is going to restore our soul, that means that at times we are going to have to have broken hearts, doubts, and fears because of our fleshly side.  But God will restore our souls.

When God whispers sweet peace, all is well regardless of what’s going on around us.

Your strength cannot be renewed unless you were weakened.

God can’t provide you with His amazing peace unless your heart is troubled.

2/5/06 You can’t shout before the promise but you can shout before the walls come down.

3/1/06 God doesn’t always calm the storm, sometimes He calms you.

5/3/06 If I was any more blessed I don’t think I could contain the joy.  I’m sure that every Christian has felt like this before, But don’t get discouraged when you don’t feel like this.  Just know that you’re saved because the Bible tells you that you are and remember that you’re still on your way to an eternal heaven.

7/9/06 Even in life’s darkest troubles and trials; when life seems so hopeless and you don’t think you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, search for the peace that’s in your soul (as a Christian).  It may be overshadowed by our earthly stress, but search for that peace and it will be found (as long as you’re in God’s will).

Not only does God have the power to calm the seas to the point that they’re not scary anymore; but He can make that same wind that brought fear, to be a soft gentle breeze that’s so peaceful.

my vday present from trav

Jennas date with my best friend amanda

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hi From The Kiddos

All Smiles from Travis and Jenna...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Deliverance and Redemption

Psalm 107

Give thanks to the Lord for his goodness. His mercy Endures Forever. The redeemed tell of it.

He redeemed those out of the north,south,east and west. Hungry and thirsty, they found no where to stay. Thier soul fainted within them.

They cried thier troubles out to the Lord, and He delivered them out of thier distresses. He led them in the right direction for dwelling . Oh, that men would thank the Lord for his goodness,for His wonderful works.

God will never leave us to rot in the wilderness. He will redeem us and set us in the right direction. We need to ask him in our pit to remove and burn off Pride and Offense within us, so we can be at a place thats longing and thirsting for nothing else but God to fill every longing and hurting void.

What i mean by this is that when we are ripped out of our comfort zone, Life isnt what we expected, desired, longed and hoped for. The plans change against our will, Our flesh rages . Pride and offense devour us.

But Oh Beloved,
When we embrace brokenness, we allow the the Lord to bear our burdens.
Matthew 11:30

For My yoke is easy and My burden is light
Its the place where we hand our heart,soul,mind and stregnth over to the Lord, the place of surrender.
Its the most beautiful place to the Lord.

We come to a place that allows God to have full availability and access to our hearts. When we embrace brokenness we have hearts that are willing to recieve.

Psalm 107:29
He calms the Storm, so that its waves are still.

God would you burn every bridge,every puffed up wall or offense that rises up against you within us, Because life didnt go the way we expected or dreamed. Bring us to brokenness, to sureender. Where you have complete control. Where you can allow your love,comfort and peace to radiate within us, changing us from the inside ,out.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

I love this verse because he will restore our lives and make it beautiful again but he has put Eternity in our that we know the beauty of a eternal perpective.

OH, the wells and fountains we can draw from in him.
This life is a vapor, but set your heart and mind on things above...

Friday, February 3, 2012


scared ya didnt i?
Not us in jail but a great story...

A few weeks ago we had a theft in the parking lot at the house of prayer....we were told to keep our cars locked that we had a theft in one of the staff members while we were in our meeting we all went into intercession for whoever this person was...praying God would touch his heart and he would come to know the Love of God....

Our very next meeting we had a testimony from Caleb, one of our worship leaders that goes to the jail and witnesses Gods Love and Gospel to the inmates...

This past week at the jail, 3 ppl gave there life to the Lord through salvation, and one of the guys who recieved Christ took to caleb and they spent some time talking....(yes this was the guy that broke in the vehicle at IHOP)
not knowing who caleb was at all, he asked him where he was from?

Caleb said International House Of Prayer, It humbled and broke the guy, and he asked for forgiveness...

I Believe my whole heart in intercession and prayer! The times where we dont know what to do, we can pray. Gods hears our hearts!!!