Monday, October 31, 2011


On My lil Boy that is...

What happened this weekend moved me...

I knew on sunday was the childrens dedication and even though travis was running a temp i knew i still wanted to come...during worship he was singing holy,holy,holy is the Lord God Almighty so loud and over and over the guy behind me was having his own personal revival because of my sons singing, that blessed me...sunday night he was a mess, whooping cough, fever and was vomiting for a good 30 i was rubbing his back he looked at me before he vomited again and he could barely talk but he said "Pray" and so we did...It wasnt until tonight that it all just caught up with me...he was taking a bath and we were saying we need to scrub off these germs...and hes singing scrub this sickness in jesus name, scrub this sickness in jesus name...amen!
He was really excited to make cards for Mr Chan and support him as he leaves for africa this we did, we made a night of it and it was great!
My Future Forerunner!!!

Praying For Mr. Chan!

The kids were really excited to make Mr. Chan cards tonight.....Chan is a good friend from Ihop that is headed to Kenya on a missions trip to preach the gospel......Last thurs he taught on radical islam and the way its becoming more and more an obsession around this world...we watched a video called obsession/radical islam...its on youtube.....every beliver needs to see it and be pressed toward prayer.....they teach thier kids to kill, to hate, to die for sake of allah and jihad...even at 10 yrs old they have suicide bomber training......heart -wrenching....there goal is to kill every jew and christian...

But I promised that me and the kids would staurate him in prayer knowing hes headed to kenya ( an area where the radicals are)

He leaves Thursday...his family will be remaining in atlanta as he goes forth in boldness....Lord Cover mr. Chan In your Glory and your Love....

The Kids are really excited to give him the cards tomorrow at 4pm intercession
Please keep our dear friends The Pridgen's in prayer!!!

Mr. Chan loved the cards, got teary eyed and is bringing the cards to africa with him...he said he would sit the kids down personally and give him testimonies when he returns!

Dedicated to The Lord

We were so blessed to be a part of Pastor Billy's dedication service.....To be saturated in prayer by all the Godly influences that have poured into our lives since weve moved here.....

The Kids got bibles and were excited!!!

Our internship leaders jerry and marie....that have poured into me and the kids life every day for the past 3 months, brought us food when money got tight, and have been a phone call away, and  a visit away when i was overwhelmed with tears...true angels in our life!

us and papa jerry

The Pridgen brothers who have been such Godly influences....Kids are praying for chan(on left) as he heads to kenya for 2 weeks to spread the gospel this week!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Travi's 1st Pony-Back Riding Lesson...

i took so many pics... so proud of my big was therapeutic for all of us...we had a great time with miss joelle and travi helped brush,clean rocky as well as ride him....he learned how to make him go backwards(his fav) forward,stop,how to lean as he goes down hill with him.....he told me rocky was his friend......I cant wait to go back!!! I took so many pics i will put a few i edited and then put a link for my webshots acct and just add them all on there....


all photos

Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Girl Jenna...

Get outta my face with that camera this early before you get a cat or a cup in yo face...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

southern stuff ...

u know u live in the south when you bring the kids to school and there teachers say alright ya'll come sit down were havin gritz for breakfast....LOL

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Sukkot!

We are feasting for the next 7 days and are celebrating the feast of tabernacles ....we have lots to pics to come of our tabernacle,crafts,etc...

This is the (Season Of Our Joy)

Be Blessed!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Snack and Pose...


Practicing snapping

side to side, side to side

what she looks like saying cheese


lots of tude!

Travis million dollar smile

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Festival

We had a really great time at the L-ville fall festival!
I couldnt help but get a lot of pics of trav on the horse, he was so happy and was really sad when it was time to get off. Jenna enjoyed 
We had Hotdogs and deep-fried oreos...Amazzzing!!!

I just really enjoyed getting out with my babies today...enjoying the nip in the air, no agenda just being spontaneous and enjoying the day!

After the festival, we headed to the play area in my apt complex to play a bit before nap. As i was pushing jenna on the swing , i over heard these 2 boys talking about letters...they couldnt be older than 6 or 7....And the one lil boy said what does B stand for? and the other boy answered...Honey, duh!
And he said no "B" is for Beer!!!

I know i was standing there with my mouth open...i felt it....Imediately it broke my heart for the reality of the next generation and the struggles i felt i had at a young age is nothing compared to what our babies are going to have to face.

It reminded me that i need to pray for my babies more...and that the truths  i desire to instill in them will keep them steady and following after the Lord all the days of thier life!!!

All in All   Fun,Happy day with my kiddos!