Friday, April 16, 2010

Its Friday

Blue Ridge Mtns

Isaiah 41:10 is good stuff!

Thank God for the gideons that leave bibles in hotels. what a comfort to me in a very nerve-racking time

Travi and his bubbles

Posted some pics of our trip to wv and va...
I love taking pics of Gods nature...its gorgeous!

Today was quite a day...haha

Jenn'as 5th tooth popped through...yay!

Shes getting so big so fast.

At the rate shes going shell be like her big brother and have a mouth full of teeth by the time shes 1.

me and the kids had a nice time in the backyard today pushing them on thier swings and singing songs.

Travi sand ho-ho-Hosanna all by himself. he was so proud he wanted to sing it for Daddy!

He is my lil Diva!

Him and Jenna were having so much fun together today. he was playing peek a boo with her while she was sitting in her high chair and somehow tipped the chair over...she fell flat on her face on the floor and he was poor babies were both hurt and it was everything i could do to keep my composure...i was freaking out!

I held my babies in my lap and balled my lil brains out...

its been a emotional rollercoaster for us...but we are trusting in God to pull us through emotionally and physically.

We have a doc appt mon to discuss Andys options.

really looking forward to that.

Andy still has double vision going on but he said it cleared up a bit during the day.

I hope thats a good sign.

life has been throwing us some major hurdles lately but we serve a God that gives us comfort,peace, and stregnth to make it through the day.

Im learning to take one day at a time and make the most of what God has given you...

God is my foundation and im standing there now and i dont wanna move!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh My Achin Head...

Andy is not the only one with a headache today...
Poor Travi bud stuck his head in my friends banister at her house today.
after some mini heart attacks had by me and shannon we were able to get his head out...

Why is it so easy to poke through but so hard to get out...we didnt even have to use butter.
man that boy keeps me on my toes.

Andy is still having double vision in both eyes so the tumor is resting on the optic nerve. but he did say today was better than yesterday as far as the eye sight goes.

Hoping to schedule his radiation treatments asap
so we will keep you posted on that.

But I admire my hubby for having such a positive spirit about going through this . Its such an inspiration for me!

Gods bigger than this cancer and I love praying with Andy.
Its such a great time to just be together crying out to God.

I got a wonderful necklace from a friend in the mail today that lifted me up...of a guardian angel.
Its nice to know so many are praying but to have something tangible was such a blessing to me
Thanks Jess...

I just want to thank all of andys old friends for sending cards and friends...ppl getting annointed for us around the usa....friends standing in the gap for us...and all the reports how Andy ministers to ppl...all of those things do not go unnoticed...we keep all that close to our hearts.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh My Achin Knees....

So Andys appointment wasnt as encouraging as we would have hoped...Pretty much in a nutshell the VA docs agree with the Cinci docs on how they have been treating andy.

The gamma knife sugery isnt an option based on the size of the tumors and where they are located.

They agree that Andys on the right drug and combined with the right radiaition is definately the route to go...I was pretty discouraged because andy had so much pain in his knees he could hardly walk last night and took 10 baths to relieve the pain combined with icy hot and that only took the edge of a little bit.

His headaches have been getting worse too.
I just wish there was a quick fix to all of this mess.
I think my worst fear is going back to ohio alone with 2 needy kiddos(beautiful but
and a hubby that i cant care for the way he needs because im only one person...ugh

Why does life have to be this hard? why do we have to be so isolated with no support system for all of this to happen.
I know i really need to count my blessings because i have so many but its been a very discouraging day.
I woke up this morning as i stared at the blue ridge mountains it was so beautiful and i felt God so warmly....and nothing at that moment could ever compare or take that moment away from me....I know there is another side....a better side to all of this...
where we will be complaining because we ran out of milk and were to lazy to run 3 miles to walmart to get more.....Im waiting and hoping we can get there soon...

But i know its natural to question God and wonder why? 3 drunk guys stumble into the hotel and are being obnoxious talking about taking advantage of girls and a recent fight....
I think why my hubby? whos been dedicated to God his whole life and never had a sip of alcohol or a drug and says God hasnt healed him yet because then the miracle wouldnt be big enough?

I just dont understand sometimes, but maybe im not sopposed too