Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jumping Joeys...

2nd pic i was trying to get him jumping in mid air...he jumped from the top like 10 times
he was so funny he was standing on the parachute and they were all waiting for him to get off so they could lift it up again...

my cutie boy having fun!

We had so much fun today at " Jumping Joeys" with the moms club!
Travi was nonstop for 2 hrs ,it was nice for mommy too!
It was nice to be able to socialize with some of my friends and get out of the house with everything going on in my life right now...
Travi was enjoying playing with his friends too,he just had a ball...
He absolutely didnt want to leave,that was quite the fiasco..lol
We'll have to go back soon
not bad for non stop play for 5$
Thats my kinda playin...lol

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lovely Layla!

A pic of my cutie neice on the Beach!!!

Jenna is home from the hospital!

Travi comforting Jenna
My Poor Baby with her IV in tact

After a huuuuuge scare a few days before Andys scheduled surgery

Jennas temp was 102.8

and we had to admit her to the hospital!

I'm telling ya when it rains it pours...

my family just drove in to meet her the night before and she had to soend 48 hrs in the hospital...

She had many tests including a spinal tap...(very painful it sounded)

to make sure it wasnt viral menangitis and alot of other scarry tests ....but they all came back negetive and sent her home with just a bug...Thank God!!!

Poor babay! They had to stick her so many times because it was hard to find her vain...

I think Aunt Kathy got to soend a whole whopping 1 and 1/2 days with her

And then she flys home and ends up catching what she had and had to be admitted to the hospital for a few days....:/

Andys brother came for the weekend but the whole fam couldnt come for the week like we planned because she was advised to stay away from kids for a while...:(

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



so today is one of them stressful "am i ever gonna get thru this dayz"...

All morning long nothing would satisfy Travis. He couldnt find a single toy,coloring page,tv show that he would sit for more than 5 mins.

I put out puzzles tried to have him help me do things around the house...but everything was a meltdown....no temp,not even warm...

I guess its just one of those days with him.

Me and Andy have started timeout with him. He has to sit 2 mins in the chair after we give him a warning....and if it excedes 3 or more he goes to his room with the door shut...

well he's had them all today.

He got so mad at me when i was feeding sissy today that he climbed and got his crayon and scribbled all on the couch,as as i put her down to reach for the crayon he scribbled more drop it and ran.

The little stinker knows what he's doing...

Finally he handed me a dvd and said Elmo!

so he watched elmo for 30 mins straight after lunch...whew , Thank God

Then it was time for naptime...i said 1 song ...i sang the song and as i started to get up he followed me and had a major meltdown, i said get back in bed and he did. the moment i left the room he was throwing himself against the door i let it go for a while went back in and siad back in bed,closed the door and again slamming things against the door,opening it and doing a belly flop on the carpet,screaming at the top of his lungs....i gave him something to cry about...but sometimes it doesnt even seem to faze him after i left he got back up and did it all over again for 45 mins...its like where do u draw the line?

Do i let him just bang the door down ?

I know he's going through a transition right now, but i feel like he doesnt respect me at times...If it was Andy he wouldnt be doing that!!!

Suggestions Please!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's a WV weekend!

These were taken with my cell....so the quality isnt that great,but we had a fun time in WV this weekend.
Pawpaw is still in the hospital recovering from his surgery and we got to visit him today...

Suprisingly Travi did good in the room. I could tell he wanted pawpaw to hold him at times but the nurse gave him medicine suringes and he was occupied with putting them together and taking them apart!

Pawpaw got to meet jenna for the first time,and she was content laying on the bed with him, although we couldnt get her to wake up.

We told him we'll come back at 4-5 am shes always up then....haha

We had Mawmaw and Pawpaws house all to ourselves ths weekend, it felt like we were at a hotel!

I guess I'm going to have to leave Mawmaw a tip for damages...haha
Hey Mawmaw-----((dont eat yellow snow))

We went to our old friend susie's and Travi had fun running around with her kids playing with thier toys and eating ice cream!

Sissy had fun laying around looking cute!

Tomorrow we are headed to church...no one knows were here for the weekend so we'll suprise them by bringing our new baby! :)

Well one surgery down and one to go....so far so good!
Until next time

see ya...<3