Monday, January 12, 2009

New Yr...

Well its been a while since ive been on.
Me and travi finally have gotten over sickness...for now...

after virus after virus we are back in the game......yay!

Me and Andy have started a new youth ministry called En Fuego at our church and were so excited about teaching and getting to know the youth and bringing that fire for God in their lives...

Im excited about just getting back outside and breathing fresh air again...

Last week i got to hear the babys heartbeat at my doc appt was exciting!
well thats about it for now....


A day at the Childrens Museum!!!

Dad the weather guy!

dad and buck-weeser

Trav running up the pirates plank.

travi lovin the air and trying to figure out how the ball stays up...

Dr. Travis Hayes

Mom and Trav performing!

Trav playin on the "Big" piano

A very fun day at the museum!!!

the most halarious car ive ever seen...a huge menorah strapped to the top of it...thats one proud and lights were lit too...


Krista and Travi in a bowl.

Lindsay and billy

Mom and travi eatin sugar!

Dad and Travi eatin sugar...again!

Aunt Pinz and Travi helpin make a gingerbread house

close-up shot!!!

Billy and ANdy

Travi chillin with the cousins

hanging out with his cousins

Jen and Julz

trip to ohio....back in nov

sis n sis

me mom and linz

me falling off the paarot and it actually
but it was so funny...travi didnt think it was as funny

Travi and aunt Pinny

Granny n Trav

Hi Sits

Travi playin at Mcdonalds