Sunday, April 24, 2011

Desert Song


So Travi was sick Jenna was more photogenic than travi....i was bringing travis down to class today while paul was preaching and he hit a button on the elevator and it beeped so loud im sure the whole church took 4 ushers but we got the beeping to

go travi....he knows how to keep us all on our toes.....
Church was awesome...God was puring out his spirit,healing hearts,there was salvation,awesome singing.....i was so filled leaving today!

Sometimes its so hard to understand why God saw it evident that He needed Andy more than we did....because we miss him more than anything...but Im so thankful for 2 beautiful kids and a family that gives us so much support....I loved watching travi and jenn waving to the sky telling daddy..."Happy Easter"

I just pray that everyday that God will keep sustaining us and keeping us in the palm in his hand,as he truly has each and every day... and im so thankful for that!

While i was feeling so heavy hearted i just felt Jesus sitting there with me bearing my burden,crying with me and i am so amazed at how much he loves me!

then the desert song came on the internet radio and i love the line...
"all of my life, in every season, you are still God, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship..."

That no matter what were going through big or small Jesus paid it all...he is the reason we can sing ,be thankful and have joy in the midst of such pain.....

The bible says we have not because we ask not...Jesus i pray that you would pour out blessing and restore the Hayes Family....not just us but Andys family.....Heal their hearts,fill every painful void,love on them more than you have ever before!!!

We dont understand your reasons for taking Andy but we accept that you still have a plan for us, a purpose for our lives, a passion that you want to instill in us , that everywhere we would go we would exemplify you because we know for a fact and have seen in this family that our time is short and you have a specific calling in each one of our lives...Let us take charge of that calling

Thank you God that although we hurt so badly and feel that this pain will never end you have given us the promise that we are more than conquerors through you if we are obedient and let you see us through....

Laying down all rights and letting your spirit rule and reign in our hearts,helping us make the right descisions,and being forever changed because of the sacrifice you have made for us on that cross....

That still amazes me...That If i was the only one on this earth he would of went through it all...just for me!!!
Remember that the next time you feel alone......

Continue to pray for us and Andys family....
Have a wonderful Easter!!!

Kelly,Travi,Jenna   <3

Easter Part 2

 Jenna and her best bud...Uncle Matt
 Aunt Linz and Uncle Matt
 Aunt Meg

 After much wrestling i finally got my kiss....<3

 Uncle Will and Travi

Easter Part 1

Pretty Jenny

Candy for breakfast!

Travi and his batman

Travi was so happy to get his first pair of flip flops...haha
The easter Bunny Came!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travi's Got Talent!!!

Last sunday Travis sunday school class was practicing to sing this upcoming sunday and his teacher said that travis did amazing he knew every motion and every part of the song and he just belted it out.....I was so proud of him.....

I took him to chuck e cheese for our date and they had a circle time with chucky singing songs and dancing and chuckys assistant personally gave travis extra tix after all the other kids were gone because they were so impressed with him.....then last night at service i went to go pick travi up and i walk in and all the kids and travis teachers were amazed by him....telling me how talented travis ' singing and dancing is...

They wouldnt let me leave until he sang me a solo in class...and in front of everyone belted out this song...he knew every tone,trill,and sang it like he knew it from
everyone clapped...i was so proud of him.... i thought it must be the song theyve been practicing for palm sunday because he knew it so well and his teacher said no, thats why were so amazed....he just heard it for the first time!

Im so proud of him...we were blessed in the singing department...even Jenna in the car has memorized lines from my misty edwards cd........and she belts it out
It goes something like this

Wake-0 Wake-0 wind, Wake-o Wake-0 sa-wind,bow,0000h me!!!

its really awake awake oh north wind, awake awake oh south wind, blow over me
but she belts it out with a smile on her face.....

God has given this family a song! Ive always wanted singing partners and now i have 2...and they have  beautiful voices...but there mine and i have to say that...:)

Me and Travis are actually practicing a song to sing in church one of these days soon.....ill be posting the date so everyone can come and hear him!