Thursday, August 5, 2010

Andy's Update

The results of Andy's MRI from last Friday showed slight tumor progression along with a couple of new spots toward the front of the brain on the right side. He saw both the radiation oncologist and my medical oncologist. They agree that at this point neither surgery (would not be able to remove entire tumor) or radiation (disease is too wide spread throughout the brain and they don’t want to give radiation to my whole brain again because of the toxicity). The scans also showed a couple of small spots on my lungs and a spot on the back of my neck. They said that the spots were too small to be able to tell what they were so I may need additional testing to determine if these spots are cancerous or not.

They said that we have went through the typical treatment options for the type and location of my cancer. However, they also said that the specific cancer that Andy has is very rare in the location that he has it. There are two clinical trials that he may be eligible for that have looked very promising. One of these trials has not been tested on humans yet, just cells and animals. The other trial is a drug that has been developed from Taxol (a chemo drug that he was previously on). This drug is a modified chemical chemo drug that was developed to use after Taxol has failed.

They have indicated that they should be able to get me into one of these trials by the end of the month.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

from the land of the waiting!

so andy had his mri on fri. but we still dont have a doc appt until wed.

andy looked at it but i cant tell whats what. he doesnt think the chemo drug he was on minus the radiation did anything to shrink onto the next strategy the docs might have.

Im so ready to have my happy family back...:(

All i can do is trust in God and believe there is a healing power in him!

this song has brought me much stregnth in the next post...hope its an encouragement to you too!

God Bless!

Josh Wilson - Before the Morning with Lyrics

Just had to share some adorable pics from yesterdays family shoot...enjoy!