Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kings Island

so we ventured out to KI today and had a blast!
sorry no pics but havent unpacked the camera yet...wish i did because we had some priceless moments

let me backtrack and talk about last
Let me paint a picture...

we went out to dinner at cici's pizza and he had some hand me down clothes and he was wearing a 1 piece button up baseball out fit that said braves on it...
little did i know the reds were playing against the braves this weekend and ppl were filing in cici's with their reds gear on.....i was like oh

anyways back to KI
we waited in a 30 min line for our season passes...not too bad..
Travis was very well behaved i was so proud of him.
Then we went to the kid park and there were some characters standing outside that caught his attention. i feel like everytime we walk in the park we dodge the
thats what i call them,its the ppl wanting to take your pics that work there ,if u try to dodge them ,theyll find you in another place in the
Andy just makes us take the pic and throw away the piece of paper they give us...haha

so we get to the kiddie park and hop on the scooby doo haunted ride we had fun...i may have been more excited than travi tho...haha
then travi went on the car ride that goes around and round ...he rode the hummer and was checking out the girls like look at me

there was no line so he went on that a few times.
we did a few other rides like the flying bus and the train but his ultimate fav was the whip...where it whipped him around the sides he was cackeling and making the parents that were watching him crack up....hes too much!

then while Andy rode the new diamondback ride we grabbed lunch and met andy at the country show.
We got front row seats baby!
ok we were really close...Travi loved it he was dancing and clapping his hands and just had a face of amazement on i was
i dont know if it was my hormones or seeing him have such a good time but i was wiping tears from my eyes..i know big old baby!
At the end of the show they had streamers flying through the air and Trav was clapping his hands...sooo cute

so needless to say he passed out as soon as we put him in his car seat...and mommy was happy she still had some ankles left by the end of the

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Blast from the past

Heres pics of last yrs Easter how much Travi has changed...and
a yr makes a big difference!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Part 2

So Travis had alot of fun at the egg hunt!

Tom from church of course had a huge lollipop waiting for him!

He was thrilled...although his clothes looked like easter eggs afterwards...thank goodness i got some pics before he started wearing it!

So...Mommy thought that there was a luncheon after church but thats not until next week so our easter dinner wasn;t exactly what i had in mind....Travi fell asleep in the car and we ran to Arby'

Travis also enjoyed his chocolate bunny very much....

suprisingly he shared a tiny bit with me...haha

This coming weekend we are moving into the new place so i may be slow on here for a while but I will have some new house pics coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed the Easter Pics!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny Came!!!!!!

this pic is halarious i just realized that were standing in front of a noahs ark theme at our church and I think its a horse or donkey behind travis' head and it looks like hes wearing!!!!

Travi was very upset i did his hair

He was mad that he got changed and his hair done

Travi was not happy about pictures because he did not want to get changed let alone me do up his with a bit of hairspray it looked like he had a mo-hawk...haha
but once we got to church he soon forgot and was happy!
Travis got pics with the Easter Bunny which i wont get until next week...
But he had fun in service watching the kids sing and all the people come in. He stood on my lap clapping anytime anyone clapped.
Its amazing how kids can feel people out. for example Travis knows he can be active with me...I'm bopping him up and down on my lap and he was singing to the music when we were singing and then this dear old lady...(very fragile) wanted him to sit on her lap
and he went to her and layed with his head on her chest for like 8 was so cute!
he's always full of suprises!!!
Everyone had lots to say about how cute he looked!!! :)
I always love to see the Kiddies dressed up on Easter....

Dying Eggs for the easter Bunny

my big belly in the way

We had a good time getting ready for Easter!
Travi had fun dying the eggs especially putting his hands in the food coloring and eating it....yukk
He wasnt so gentle about putting the eggs in the bowls either..haha
they may have all been cracked because he was getting excited.
at one point he got confused and put an egg in his mouth and looked at us like whoops...
I will be putting up some pics of Easter Day very soon...
Happy Ressurection Day!!!